The Adventure Begins

First Post Alert!

If you haven’t already, please visit the Start Here page to get a glimpse of what I hope to share through this blog on my journey to financial freedom.

Here’s some quick stats for you to show a brief timeline of the creation of this blog (so far):

  • Domain created: 11/24/2017 (Black Friday deal!)
  • Hosting purchased: 02/18/2018
  • WordPress theme chosen: 05/27/2018
  • Logo creation / WordPress customization: 05/27/2018 – 08/01/2018
  • First blog post: 08/04/2018!

Wow! It’s taken almost a year for this first blog post. These stats show how much life tends to “get in the way”. In all reality, I am guilty for trying to perfect every little detail before proceeding with the next. Sure I could have used the default WordPress template and started blogging, but I wanted to ensure this blog would give a good experience to the you, the viewer. I wanted to make sure there was a mobile layout that would load quickly while you are away from your computer, and I definitely did not want you to give up on reading this blog if it took minutes to load or was full of popups. I have the “set it and forget it mentality,” where I want to have the focus on blogging and not minor details that would linger on and eventually accumulate.

Ultimately, I want to give you, the viewer, the best experience possible!


My main goal with this blog is to provide consistent posts within a broad spectrum of categories such as progress tracking, hot deal alerts, how-to’s, reviews, credit card point accumulation and utilization tips, and both fruguy wins and fruguy fails. I also plan on sharing my shortcomings (such as taking 8 months for my first post), learning experiences, and how to overcome common obstacles.

I would love your help and feedback along the way!

In My Feelings (Hey Kiki)

I have been both excited and nervous for this very first blog post. It’s a momentous post and sets the tone for this whole blog after all! It’s my first attempt at a blog, what if I fail? What if my content is terrible? After all, I do not have any experience blogging, and I have never been the best writer! Nerves aside, it’s all about taking action! I’ll give it my all and learn as I go – if nothing else, this blog will be a great way to hold myself accountable and document my journey.

I’m ready to take action and start my journey to freedom, will you join me?

About the Author: the fruguy

Just a simple guy seeking financial freedom through frugal hacks, credit card rewards points, DIY, and overall life optimization - the fruguy.

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